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Surface Mount Touchless Button
39.99 лв. 39.989999999999995 BGN
13,56 MHz Witeable RFID keytag
2.40 лв. 2.4 BGN
IP66, WiFi Standalone Biometric device with built-in 125kHz reader STR3-Bio,WiFi
139.99 лв. 139.98999999999998 BGN
WiFi Standalone access control device with built-in RFID reader and touch keypad
69.90 лв. 69.89999999999999 BGN
IP66 Биометричен&RFID EM сензорен четец за контрол на достъп STR3-Bio
132.00 лв. 132.0 BGN
Automatic barrier gate with telescopic arm 3-6 m and anti smash radat PBL208ASR
1,506.50 лв. 1506.5 BGN
4 channel WiFi smart switch with remote control
53.90 лв. 53.9 BGN
1 Channel WiFi Smart relay module with remote control 433MHz
42.90 лв. 42.9 BGN
POE Switch 48V With 4 100M Port IEEE 802.3 af/at Ethernet switch with 2x 100M uplink Suitable for IP camera/Wireless AP/POE camera
127.00 лв. 127.0 BGN
48V POE Active Splitter output 12V waterproof suitable for Non POE IP cameras and wireless AP 10/100mbps POE connector Cable Kits
18.00 лв. 18.0 BGN
DINrail Enclosure for access control panel iCON110
5.20 лв. 5.2 BGN
150.00 лв. 150.0 BGN
Bi-directional automatic stainless steel door
2,012.99 лв. 2012.99 BGN
Middle body for Swing Turstile
5,105.79 лв. 5105.79 BGN
Bi-directional Stainless Steel Swing Turnstile with acrylic arms
8,619.99 лв. 8619.99 BGN
Compact IP Phone Fanvil H2U
158.00 лв. 158.0 BGN
IP Phone FANVIL X210 Enterprise
305.55 лв. 305.55 BGN
SIP Mini Intercom Fanvil i10
168.99 лв. 168.98999999999998 BGN
IP Phone Fanvil X7C Enterprise
189.99 лв. 189.98999999999998 BGN
Wiegand To USB (HID) Converter RSD02
59.00 лв. 59.0 BGN