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WIFI Smart Switch Energy Meter Kwh Metering Monitoring Timer Relay MCB TUYA smartlife voltage current protection SPMS1-63VAP

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An intelligent device that provides a number of functionalities and options for energy control and monitoring in your home or office. This device is compatible with Tuya or Smart life APP.

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WIFI Smart Switch Energy Meter Kwh Metering Monitoring Timer Relay MCB TUYA smartlife voltage current protection SPMS1-63VAP offers the following functions:

1. Remote control anytime, anywhere. You can control the device remotely using your smartphone or tablet, regardless of your location.
2. Schedule/Timer/Recurring Timer: The device allows you to set schedules and timers to automate the turning on and off of connected electrical appliances.
3. Energy Monitoring: WiFi Power meter with adjustable cutoff threshold, featuring an energy consumption monitoring function (Kwh Metering) that enables you to track the amount of energy used and analyze your expenses. The consumed energy is displayed graphically for a clearer overview. The energy monitoring of SPMS1-63VAP includes a function that records electricity consumption over time.
4. Voltmeter and Ammeter: The device provides information on voltage and current, allowing you to monitor the quality of electricity supplied by the utility provider and your current consumption.
5. Protection: The device is equipped with protection functions against overload, high voltage, low voltage, over current, and over power.

Additional Features:

Operating Voltage: AC 90-300V 50/60Hz
Mechanical Life: Over 100,000 times
Operating Temperature: -25℃ to 70℃
Note: This device supports only 2.4GHz wireless networks and is not compatible with 5GHz networks.

The user-friendly interface and easy installation make it so perfect for the modern smart home and office they are looking for management and efficiency.

1. Household: Management of lighting, heating and the air conditioning, as well as other household appliances, providing comfort and energy efficiency.

2. Office buildings: Automation of electrical systems, including lighting, office machine power and energy cost management.

3. Industry: Monitoring and control of machines and production lines, reducing downtime through remote control and monitoring.

4. Agriculture: Use for irrigation management, ventilation in greenhouses and control of troughs and drinking systems for animals.

5. Hospitality and restaurant industry: Automation of the electrical systems for lighting and air conditioning in rooms and common parts as well as control of kitchen appliances.

6. Smart cities: Integration in street management systems lighting, public EV charging stations and energy management of public buildings.

7. Healthcare: Management of medical devices, lighting and air conditioning in hospitals and clinics, maintaining optimum conditions for patients and staff.

8. Educational institutions: Automation and energy management of schools and universities, which includes lighting of classrooms, laboratories and common areas.