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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 Filters


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Mi Air Purifier 2 - multi-layer filter

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First level - Filter grid:

PET primary filter.

360 ° gradient particle filtering

- Hair;

- Focal precipitate;

- Small particles;

- Powder and particulate matter;

Second level:

High quality HEPA filter class H11!

- Absorption of small solids;

- Pollen - Filtering up to 99.99%;

- PM 0.3 to approximately 99.5%;

- PM 2.5 - filtration to 99.7%;

Third layer - high quality active carbon filter:

Absorption of odors and formaldehyde. By using high-quality cylindrical carbon having a large specific surface area, pore structure, strong absorption capability, and other advantages that distinguish it from conventional activated carbon. High level of absorption and high clearance. The specific surface has a total of 29.4 football fields.

Real-time AQI monitoring via Mi Home App

Notifications of the level of pollution;

Filter replacement notification;

Filter's type

Anti-formaldehyde version 2&2S , Antibacterial version 2&2S , HEPA

За версия на продукт

Air Purifier 2 , Air Purifier 2S