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Xiaomi Smart Home Kit


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Smart home for you and your family with the Xiaomi starting kit of 5 devices.

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Xiaomi Smart Home Kit is the basic 5 в 1 kit, that gives you the chance to create your Smart Home!

The 5 in 1 Smart Home Kit includes:

  • 1 x Xiaomi Gateway

  • 1 х Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch

  • 1 х Xiaomi Smart Socket ZigBee

  • 1 x Xiaomi Human Body Sensor

  • 1 х Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor

For a long time Xiaomi engineers are working on the vision of a smart home, and today it is something that each of us can configure on his own, at an affordable price.

The Smart Home Kit has the base components that allow you to control everything that happens at your home or office trough the Mi Home App. Except the basic 5 devices the system allows integration of other components, and the working scripts are thousands and up all to you.

The basic kit for your home or office offers maximum ergonomy and accuracy of installation. So only within a few minutes you will be able to control trough application all devices and the lightening!

In the basic Xiaomi Smart Home Kit you will find smart hub and zigbee sensors for doors and windows, for motion, 3 scripts button and a socket. The entire system could be controlled via your mobile device - with Mi Home App.

The smart Smart Hub is the heart of your new system. It can include up to 30 devices using the ZigBee protocol. In your home or office, it will connect to the WiFi network and integrate the other devices from the kit, which will allow to control the appliances and lighting.

The Hub allows various management scripts and can itself be a loudspeaker, be used as a nighttime lamp, or to emit an alarm in a certain situation. In combination with a smart contact for example, it can control a coffee maker, convection heater or music system. Included in the contact, each of the devices comes in touch with the multifunctional Smart Hub, and from there it is controlled through Mi Home App. So you can turn them on or off at any time and be aware of the energy they consume. You decide when to turn the appliance on or off, or set the coffee maker to start preparing coffee at the time of your awakening!

Magnetic sensor for doors and windows is the device that can be personalized in the way it could turn on the lights right after you get home.

In the same time the sensor could send signal of unwanted door/ window opening at home or at the office. Alongside with the Human Body Sensor, the Wireless Windiw Door Sensor will alarm you for unwanted presence.

In addition to act as an alarm system, the Human Body Sensor Motion Detector can be your assistant to move around in the dark of the day. Located near your bed, this sensor will react when you want to get up and turn on the night lamp. Among other things, the device could also control the intensity of light - not to awaken those closest to you!

The Smart Home Kit also contains an option to control lighting and home devices - via the smart button with its 3 scenarios! By single, double click or holding button, it activates or deactivates up to three different scenarios. It can be set to turn on or off certain appliances, lighting in certain parts of the home or office, activate or not the alarm mode, etc ... The possibilities are endless - the choice is yours!

Xiaomi Smart Gateway or so called Smart Hub is the brain of your household!

The Xiaomi Smart Gateway multifunction device is used as a hub for connecting and controlling the other smart devices in the kit. Associated with them, he allows countless different scenarios to automate the entire home or office. It can control temperature, lighting, volume, detect motion, act as a bell, etc. The smart hub has many additional features. It can be used as an alarm or night lamp - it supports 16 million variable nighttime colors that automatically turn on in low light. The device has a loudspeaker function - you can listen to the radio or play your favorite songs. The options are practically unlimited and can be personalized to your requirements!