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Xiaomi universal remote control


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Universal WiFi remote control for home suppliancec through smart phone or tablet.

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Smart Home Universal IR Remote Controller with Wi-Fi

Light, compact, very easy to use!

Say "END" to countless remotes and control everything from one place!

It is a universal remote control that can replace those of other home appliances like air conditioner, TV, amplifier, receivers, speakers, projector, fan, camera, etc.

If the device you want to manage is not part of the menu - there is a procedure for copying the device's native remote.

Simply said, Xiaomi Remote Control IR integrates the remote control of all your family devices.

High quality manufacturing:

• 360 degree angle control.

• IR remote distance to the controled appliance - 20 meters.

• Made of black materials that reduce diffuse reflection and improves infrared penetration.

Intelligent Timing Switch function:

You can set a specific time in advance to execute a command. The TV can be set to a particular channel. Let the air conditioner start before getting out of work. It is possible to turn on any other appliance you want at a certain time.


1 - Turning on the appliances energy charging. 

2 - Turning on and preparing home video system. 

3 - Turning on the TV. 

4 - Turnts to a certain signal source. 

5 - Movie preoloading - your favourites. 

6 - You enjoy the pleasure of the movie.

This happens by just pressing one button!

This is not all! These scenarios could be ruled by the Mijia Mi Home App appliances

Life Smart 

The Xiaomi Universal IR Remote Controller gives you the power to control the IR devices in your home with your smartphone or tablet. The signal of the remote control is stable and with full coverage.

NOTE: The managing module is not yet translated into English. However, it is not a problem to adjust the graphical icons of the interface. We hope soon to have a translation!