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Temperature control iCON-TEMP 1-W

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An intelligent microprocessor system used for monitoring the status of different sensors, systems and manual notifiers.

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The alarming system iCON110 INF is extremely convenient for any kind of production premises, stations and substations, hospital alarming systems, monitoring the status of different systems and sensors (fuel level in generators, status of ventilations and air-conditioners, supply presence, pile charge, on/off alarming system, open/closed door, panic-buttons in hospital rooms, hotel bathrooms and much more – anything that is able to apply dry contact or any kind of voltage.)

System’s description:
The alarming system iCON110 INF contains controller with LAN or USB communication, reamer(s) with entry points for receiving status and software for visualisation and signalisation. Software’s and system’s structure allows unlimited enlargement which makes it convenient for big and small objects. One could connect up to 512 entry points (i. e. 64 reamers) to every single communication port. The Andromeda Pro software allows a detailed description of all entry points, real-time visualisation (in a list with exact hour, date, the event’s name, zone, etc.) Another type of visualisation is an electronic map (E-map) of the object which is very convenient and makes it easier for the supervisor to find the place where the event occurs. The system is equipped with sonic alarm function (ability for activating a sonic signal when given event takes place) which is necessary for bigger “monitoring centres” and hospitals (places where immediate reaction is required). 

Системата позволява включване на други типове контролери и устройства с различна функционалност. Например LAN устройства с цифрови и аналогови входове, други контролери към , които могат да се свържат датчици за алармена система, датчици за отчитане на различни типове газ, температура, влажност, налягане и други . Всичко това в комбинация със система за контрол на достъп и отчитане на работно време, обслужване на платени услуги с идентификатора за контрол на достъп, управление на паркинги, вендинг автомати и други.