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4 channel WiFi smart switch with remote control
53.90 лв. 53.9 BGN
1 Channel WiFi Smart relay module with remote control 433MHz
42.90 лв. 42.9 BGN
DINrail Enclosure for access control panel iCON110
5.20 лв. 5.2 BGN
Bi-directional automatic stainless steel door
2,012.99 лв. 2012.99 BGN
Middle body for Swing Turstile
5,105.79 лв. 5105.79 BGN
Bi-directional Stainless Steel Swing Turnstile with acrylic arms
8,119.99 лв. 8119.99 BGN
SIP Mini Intercom Fanvil i10
98.99 лв. 98.99 BGN
USB – Wiegand converter RSD02
59.00 лв. 59.0 BGN
Module for opening an intercom
10.00 лв. 10.0 BGN
Електрически автомат за врата
1,480.00 лв. 1480.0 BGN
Bi-Directional Tripod with drop down function Bridge type PL101
1,815.00 лв. 1815.0 BGN
1D, QR code and 13,56 MHz RFID barcode reader
180.00 лв. 180.0 BGN
RS232 to UART converter with 5V DC
24.00 лв. 24.0 BGN
IP68 waterproof Electromagnetic Lock for indoor and outdoor with holding force up to 300 kg
116.50 лв. 116.5 BGN
GZ Bracket for Fully Frameless Glass Door for Electromagnetic lock mount 300kg V2
69.65 лв. 69.64999999999999 BGN
ZLC Bracket for Inward Door for Electromagnetic Lock mount 300kg V2
50.80 лв. 50.8 BGN
IP66 Waterproof Fingerprint & RFID Access Control STR1-Bio
159.90 лв. 159.9 BGN
IP66 Anti-Vandal Universal Standalone Keypad and RFID reader (EM+HID+MF) STR5-HYBRID
120.00 лв. 120.0 BGN
LC Bracket for Narrow Door for Electromagnetic Lock mount 300kg V2
35.45 лв. 35.449999999999996 BGN
Installation groove of Armature plate for Electromagnetic Lock mount 300kg V2
17.00 лв. 17.0 BGN