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Аварийна иноксова вратичка PLB53

650,00 лв. 650.0 BGN

650,00 лв.

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Аварийна вратичка, предназначена за ограничаване на достъпа и евакуация при аварийни ситуации или други чрез ръчно отваряне.

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Usually these type of emergency doors are used with combination of turnstiles for access control. They limit the human flow passing through the turnstiles and at the same time gives ability for quick emergency evacuation. Ideal for any type of administrative, commercial buildings and government offices.

Product description:

The material is 100% stainless steel. The height is consistent with the standardized height of turnstiles. The arm of the movable part is manufactured on demand because each object is individual. It is equipped with a lock for manually opening which is used when bringing in luggage or something else. A removable brass pin is located In the mechanism of the door which breaks under pressure and can be opened in a case of emergency by anyone who has not a key in himself. The base grip is covered with stainless steel cover to hide the mounting screws.


  • Antipanic function – fail safe;

  • Ability for manually unlocking;