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Xiaomi Smart Hub Gateway V.2


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Xiaomi Mi Smart Gateway - the heart of your smart home - it connects and control all smart devices.

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Xiaomi Smart Home Multifunctional Gateway

Through the Multifunctional Hub you can start building your smart home in your likeness, taste and need. The device can control up to 30 appliances and build thousands of scenarios for work. Flexible, smart, intelligent and powerful - this is how the Smart Hub can be described in a few words.

Quality and functionality:

Our understanding of an intelligent home is that everything needs to be sophisticated, just to meet your everyday needs at an affordable price. But it is never because of the quality! The device is made of moisture-resistant materials and the design itself contributes to that. For additional security combustion retardant materials are added for added safety in the event of a fire or short circuit. The Smart Hub has a built-in light sensor and responds to commands within 15 milliseconds.

The Xiaomi Smart Gateway multifunction device is used as a hub for connecting and controlling the other smart devices in the kit. Associated with them, The Gateway allows countless different scenarios to automate the entire home or office. It can control temperature, lighting, volume, detect motion, act as a bell, etc. The Smart Hub has many additional features. It can be used as an alarm or night lamp - it supports 16 million variable nighttime colors that automatically turn on in low light. The device has a loudspeaker function - you can listen to the radio or play your favorite songs. The options are practically unlimited and can be personalized to your own requirements!

It's the intelligent Smart Hub that is the heart of your new system. It can include up to 30 devices using the ZigBee system. In your home or office, he will connect to the WiFi network and integrate the other devices from the kit, which in turn will allow control of the appliances and lighting.